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Each year the 9th - 12th graders have the opportunity to be involved in a full length drama.
Cast and crew are determined in January, and practices the first week in March. 
Then, we have DRAMA WEEK - we take one full week and practice during the school day. At the end of the week we present the drama on that Friday. 
Our dramas are full length, 60 -120 minutes long with full costumes, make up, lighting, sound and stage design. DRAMA WEEK and the drama are excellent opportunities for the students to experience working together, use art & construction abilities, technological abilities, leadership and the ability to perform in front of others. 




Here's a little scene from Cactus Pass, written by Karen Woodford and adapted by Brenda Krewson. It was performed on April 26, 2013. 


2013 - Cactus Pass written by Karen Woodford and adapted by Brenda Krewson



2012- The Lions of Trondheim by Jim Potter




2011 - Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

2010 - Riches to Rags by Dennis and Nan Allen

2009 - Dreams in the City of Fire by Jim Potter

2008 - The Prince & the Pauper by Mark Twain adapted by James Devita


2007 - Ai-Weh-Deh compiled by Carlene Van Cott


2006 - On Every Side by Karen Kingsbury


2005 - In Due Season by Sandi Zimmerman Rebert



Behind the Scenes Through the Years


Our MOST RECENT drama productions:


Pictures coming soon from our 2019 presentation of Death by Dessert by Nathaniel Hartwick

2018 Martyred: The Chet Bitterman Story by Dan Neidermyer

2017 DASTARDLY DEEDS by Squire Fridell

2016 PURSUED by George Christison

2015 - The Missionary of Oz by Brian Sylvia

2014 - The Wedding by Jeff & Marsha Hansen