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The CENTRAL Advantage Features:

  • Christian curriculum 

  • Athletics

  • Fine Arts

CBCA gives students in grades K4 - 12th an excellent education with a Biblical world view.



Our curriculum uses the best textbooks, mostly Bob Jones University Press, to teach all subjects from a distinctively Christian perspective.


All our students study Bible, English, Math, Science, History, Music, Spanish, Health and Physical Education. High school courses are offered in Consumer Math, Home Economics, Speech/Drama and Computer. 


  • Experienced faculty that love children

  • Excellent foundation in phonics

  • Family oriented atmosphere

  • Daily Bible class

  • Multi-age level activities

Junior High - High School

  • Bible Classes - Gospel of John, Principles of Bible Study, Apologetics, Old & New Testament Survey

  • Curriculum - Bible, Math, the Sciences, English, History, & Physical Education

  • Electives - Choir, Home Ec., Art, Consumer Math, Computer, Speech, Drama & Yearbook (slide show on right shows some of the electives)

  • Interscholastic Sports - Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball


♦ Biblical Worldview

♦ Christ-centered Teaching

♦ Morally sound philosophy

♦ Classroom K4-12th grade education

♦ Committed faculty & staff 

♦ Committed to helping students become good citizens, excellent students and lifelong servants