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Student Life at Central is filled with many different activities that students can choose from.


Check out our ACADEMICS page to learn about the elective choices.


CBCA is also involved with NYPENN CAC sports league. Check out our ATHLETICS tab to find out more about sports.


In a typical school year, we have:

Special Christmas Days

Spirit Week (each day the students dress in a different style)

A Pep Rally

A basketball tournament

A full-length Spring Drama (for 9th - 12th graders)

Christmas Concert

Reading Comes Alive Day (the culmination of a month of reading activities for the Elementary)

Construction Day (CBCA joins Broome County schools in experiencing construction type jobs)



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CBCA Athletic Eligibility Policy

A student must maintain an overall average of 75% or higher in all subjects

One grade below 70% is allowed, but must be an average of 65% or higher

Students failing more than 1 subject or whose overall average is below a 75% will be placed on academic probation

Academic Probation

Should a student be placed on academic probation, he or she will still be required to practice but may NOT participate in scrimmage or game

He or she IS REQUIRED to attend home games and be present on the team bench

He or she WILL NOT be allowed to travel to away contests

Academic probation will begin the Monday following the report of the grade, and continue until the following Monday - at which time, a recheck will be made

Students who have raised their overall average to 75% or better after the first week of academic probation will be allowed to participate in scrimmages and games both home and away

Students remaining in academic probation will be given one more week

Students remaining ineligible after this second week of grace will be removed from the team