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Fancloth Clothing Fundraiser


Order Online HERE!

  • Choose from 30 products

  • Customizing available for additional costs

  • Proceeds go towards the Class of 2018 and their mission trip to Tenessee in April 2018.

  • Order until January 19th. 

  • When ordering, you will be asked to give a name of a senior - give the name of the senior you wish to support

    • Seniors are: Sawyer Burns, Camden Conklin, Noah Degnan, Aaron Keteles, Abby Kunow, Morgan Phelps, Emily Pierce, Trinity Pittsley, Ben Privitera, and Daniel Todd - enter one of these names when ordering
  • Orders will be shipped here to CBCA and the senior class will distribute orders to families.

  • Thank you for supporting Christian Education and the Class of 2018