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CBCA Fall Fundraiser

Our frundraiser has begun! We hope you can help.


CBCA is raising funds to help with class activities and extras that will benefit all families and student. We are taking orders on Magazines and items from Festival brochure. Our goal is for everyone to participate and try to sell EIGHT items or more. Please help us meet our goal.




 Collect money with orders. Cash & Checks  (payable to CBCA) are gladly accepted.

                Put student/or teacher's name on check. Credit cards  accepted for online sales.


       Orders Due: Wednesday, October 3rd 


 Our goal is to raise $3,000 profit



Click here to get the link to share on your social media, text, or email


All the information went home with your student. 


Ice cream party for the class that averages eight sales or more. Everyone do your fair share and we all win!


Remember to thank folks for supporting Christian Education!!

PRIZES! Students love the different types of Garfields that they can earn. They are attached by a lanyard.