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Make sure you're all set up for the Parents web to view your student's progress during the year. 

All the inforamtion is on the website, and also came home to you in a letter.  

Click HERE for the webpage



Picture Day

PICTURE DAY - Wednesday, September 20th.

Click on the banner for all the information you will need for picture day.



Family Envelopes

Family Envelopes

The white "envleope/folder" thing with lines on it and a white label attached to the front is called The Family Envelope. This is the method we use to communicate with parents, and send home information that you need to know.


Each week, the parent is to open it and look inside for any communication from the school.


Then, sign it by the appropriate date. Finally, the eldest student should return it to school, and hand it in at homeroom. These envelopes will come home every Wednesday, as needed. If the eldest student does not return it to the school by the following Monday, they will have a lunch detention on Tuesday.


This family envelope works both ways – the parents can also use it to communicate with the school – they can send notes, return signed forms, or whatever they need the school to have.



Lunch Orders

Lunch Order forms will go home each week. These are printed on colored paper. In order to cut down on cost/waste, we would like you to indicate whether or not you would like the lunch orders sent home.


On the family envelope there is a place at the bottom for you to circle YES or NO.


“Yes” will indicate that you would like an order form for each child to come home each week.


“No” will indicate that you do not want an order form sent home for each child each week


If you order lunch sporadically, then when you do want to order, you can pick up the order form here at the school, for that particular day of the week, and order.



Reminders from Office

Reminders from the Office

Scheduled Absences

If you know your student will be out of school for a certain length of time, please send a note in the office ahead of time. The teachers may choose to let the student know what work they will miss.


Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

If your student is not coming to school for any reason (illness, etc.) Please follow the following procedures:

  • Call the office and let us know your child will not be coming in that day

  • Call the bus garage and let them know not to pick up your child that day

  • When the student does return to school, please send in a written note excusing the student

Thank you for doing this as it is necessary for our attendance records.



September 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
A Week
September 4, 2017

for 7th -12th grades Girls have PE on Fri A week elective

First Day of School
September 7, 2017

Welcome back!!

AWAY Soccer
September 7, 2017

At Cortland Christian Academy Girls 3:30 pm Boys 5:00 pm

HOME Soccer
September 9, 2017

vs. Twin Tiers Girls 11:00 am Boys 12:30 pm

B Week
September 11, 2017

for 7th -12th grades Boys have PE on Fri B week elective

HOME Soccer
September 12, 2017

vs. LEAH BGM Girls 3:45 pm Boys 4:45 pm

HOME Soccer
September 14, 2017

vs. Triboro Girls 3:30 pm Boys 5:00 pm

A Week
September 18, 2017

for 7th -12th grades Girls have PE on Fri A week elective

HOME Soccer
September 19, 2017

vs. Canaan Girls 3:30 Boys 5:00 pm

Picture Day
September 20, 2017

Picture Day today. Click on the link for all the infomration.

AWAY Soccer
September 22, 2017

at Ross Corners Girls 3:30 pm Boys 5:00 pm

B Week
September 25, 2017

for 7th -12th grades Boys have PE on Fri B week elective

AWAY Soccer
September 26, 2017

at Twin Tiers Girls 3:30 pm Boys 5:00 pm

HOME Soccer
September 28, 2017

vs. North Rome Girls 3:00 pm Boys 4:30 pm

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