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Miss Meagan Crouch
K4 & K5
Been at CBCA since 2014
CBCA Alumna 2002
Mrs. Brenda Mertz    
First & Second Grade
Been at CBCA since 1989
Mrs. Michelle Diers
Second & Third Grade
Been at CBCA since 2017


Mrs. Sharon Dodd
5th & 6th Grades
Been at CBCA since 1996

Mrs. Beverly Wasson
12th HR; Algebra 1, Consumer Math, Math 7th -9th
Been at CBCA since 2016

Mrs. Leslie Weiss
7th HR; Physical Education, Biology, Girls Health
Girls Soccer Coach
Been at CBCA since 2006
CBCA Alumna 1993





Mr. Fuller
Spanish I & II
Began at CBCA 2021
Rev. Scott  D. Willson
10th/11th HR; Bible 7, Physics, Chemistry, Pre Calculus,
Geometry, Algebra II, Physical Science
Been at CBCA since 2005
CBCA Alumnus 1998
Mrs. Robyn Estrella
8th/9th HR; 7th-12th History
Taught at CBCA in 2015, 2202
Mrs. Brenda Krewson
English: 7-12; Bible 8; Keyboarding; Speech; Computer
Computer; Drama; Yearbook
Media Manager; Athletic Secretary
Been at CBCA since 2004

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