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The CENTRAL Advantage Features:

  • Christian curriculum (non-common core)

  • Community Service and Outreach

  • Athletics

  • Fine Arts

CBCA gives stdents in grades K4 - 12th an excellent education with a Biblical world view.

Our curriculum uses the best textbooks, mostly from A Beka and Bob Jones University Press, to teach all subjects from a distinctively Christian perspective.


All our students study Bible, English, Math, Science, History, Music, Spanish, Health and Physical Education. High School courses are offered in Spanish III, Sign Language, Home Economics, Speech/Drama and Computer. 


  • Experience faculty that love children

  • Excellent foundation in phonics

  • Family oriented atmosphere

  • Daily Bible class

  • Multi-age level activities

Junior High - High School

  • Bible Classes - Gospel of John, Principles of Bible Study, Apologetics, Old & New Testament Survey

  • Curriculum - Math, the Sciences, Engligh, History, & Physical Education

  • Electives - Spanish III, Sign Language, Choir, Home Ec., Art, Computer, Speech, Drama & Yearbook (slide show on right shows some of the electives)

  • Interscholastic Sports - Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball

Sigma Pi Sigma Delta


♦ Biblical Worldview

♦ Christ-centered Teaching

♦ Morally sound philosophy

♦ Classroom K4-12th grade education

♦ Committed faculty & staff 

♦ Committed to helping students become good citizens, excellent students and lifelong servants